Tara Shaw Conant - Vocals


Tara was born and raised in Dallas, TX. She started singing at a young age but got her break in performing when she joined the show bar Kat Trax in 1996 at the famous West End in downtown Dallas. In 2000 she auditioned for the lead female vocals in the popular cover band Full Tilt Boogie.  For the next 3 years she performed and dominated the D/FW metroplex with them performing at large festivals and opening for big acts such as BJ Thomas. In 2007 she joined The SEEtv Band and became the sole front person for them. In 2008 she also joined the elite wedding and festival band Thrid Party and Party On! Band.  These 2 bands would open more doors for her to also sing with the Knobs an acoustic trio,  then the Jam Wows in 2009.


In 2014 she moved to N. Illinois with her daughter and fiance Brian Conant. She married Brian in 2015 and they have been performing in an acoustic duet since then. With thanks to Brian she is now performing with the Heart tribute band Barracuda.  

Brian Conant - Lead Guitar/Vocals


Brian found his love for the guitar and singing at a very young age. In the early 80's he and his two friends formed his first band Voyager that went on to become one of the best cover bands in the area. . he then went on the road for several years touring nationally.


In the late 90's Brian then moved to Fort Worth, TX and quickly got into the music scene. He sang and played guitar for Hear Say for a couple of years, before becoming the front man for a popular cover band Full Tilt Boogie. In 1999 Brian helped bring Full Tilt Boogie to being one of the top bands in the DFW metropolis for 5 1/2 years. His versatile vocals, guitar and keyboard playing helped Full Tilt Boogie reach their climax playing large festivals.


In 2014 Brian moved back to N. Illinois and has continued to perform as an acoustic duet with his wife. Now back in the lime life of playing in bands, Brian has joined both Grand Illusion and Barracuda tribute bands. 

Dan Manke - Lead Guitar


Daniel's first gig playing guitar was in 1968. Since then he has played a 1000 gigs or so in local Chicagoland bands including Delirious, Stone Silo, and TommyKnockers,  playing covers and original music. Daniel is a published song writer and multi instrumentalist, and has written over 100 original songs.


His first musical passion is progressive rock including Yes, Rush, Heart etc. Daniel plays Gibson and G&L guitars, Boss effects, and Fender amps.

Scott Thompson - Bass Guitar

Scott started playing bass his first year in high school.  In the beginning Gene Simons of Kiss caught his attention, After a year or two Geddy Lee of Rush was his biggest influence.  Scott joined his first real band just out of high school - Moon. 


In the early 80's Scott played Illinois, Wisconsin & Indiana. Shared the stage with such bands like, Survivor, The Boyzz Pointe Blank, Black Water Gold. Leslie West of Mountain to name a few . Then took the band to Arizona to Rock Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe Mesa (The Valley) with Icon ( School Boys ) Armor Saint , Surgical Steel, Rail. Then in the mid 90's got into a band called Modern Relics, played clubs in the suburbs of Chicago IL. Covers & original songs. in the  2000's  a band called Cover Blondz and then EFF'M Radio. Now he is the high energy bass player for BARRACUDA!

Brian Polidori - Drums / Percussion

Brian started drumming at age 6 playing along to his parents Elvis records and had a natural feel for it. Started his first rock band junior year of high school, called TKO, they played parties, the talent shows and also Loch Lomond beach party in Mundelein every summer. During the 80's he was in several different bands such as TKO, BAD HABIT, SPECIAL K AND THE NUMBERS, TRUCE, ED.  At 19, he joined a band called DECAMERON, an original hair metal band who toured off and on from 88' thru 91'. Brian has toured around Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa, Indiana, North Dakota, Florida, and Colorado to name a few.  Brian has shared the stage with many big acts such as HEAD EAST, JAMES YOUNG BAND, STYX, DEPECHE MODE, Y&T, BLACK AND BLUE at Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI.

 After the road he took some time off, got married, had 2 wonderful kids.  Brian got back in the music game around 2008, joined a band in Kenosha, WI called SHUT UP AND DRIVE, that turned into the band BIG NOISE. He then  joined MELLENCOUGAR in 2016, then performed with a little corporate band called DOGHOUSE ROSES for a couple of years. He now has the pleasure of drumming for The HEART tribute band BARRACUDA.